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Klarus is an exciting and innovative flashlight/ tactical torch brand, which was established in 2010 and has since gained international acclaim. If you are interested in selling one of the best tactical and ems torch brands in the world, please contact us. We are the exclusive and authorised distributor of Klarus products in South and Southern Africa.

Why Klarus Tactical Torches?

Rated among the best in the world for electronics build and usable features - The full range is based on LED technology

Klarus are regarded as being experts in building regulated circuits for their own products and other brands

Klarus has created some world firsts including

World’s smallest and brightest LED technology AAA and AAAA battery torches

World’s first dual button tail switch with instant strobe access for tactical/ police use

World’s first dual button, multi-mode remote pressure switch for a tactical torch

Klarus Markets

Klarus Torches are developed for a number of different applications and industries including:

Outdoor Pursuits (camping, mountaineering)
Police Torch/ EMS Torch/ Security Torch/ Law Enforcement
Military/ Tactical
Search & Rescue Torches
Mountain Biking/ Cycling Torches
Daily Work
General Purpose torches

Klarus is constantly developing new products; based on ideas and feedback from real-world users to keep Klarus torches innovative, powerful and practical.


Why us?

  • We are the exclusive and authorised distributor for Klarus products in South Africa
  • We promote the Klarus brand and Klarus dealers on an ongoing basis in the printed media and other outlets
  • The profit margins are good and discounts are available for orders of R5000 and more
  • There is no minimum order quantity or minimum spend - we accept all orders, large and small 
  • Your company will be featured on this website at no charge. 
  • When people contact us, we direct them to their nearest Klarus dealer!


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