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Our Klarus tactical torches are considered some of the best tactical torches in the world because they provide users with outstanding illumination, stunning designs, extraordinary lumen output and a lifespan that you can depend on.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Klarus when you buy an LED tactical torch with a high lumen output...

- The strength of a flashlight beam is measured in lumens. A tactical torch has to have a high lumen output as well as the best in LED technology. Klarus is able to combine maximum lumen output to provide a strong light with state-of-the-art Cree LEDs, even in a tactical torch that is small and compact.

What are lumens?

When you’re searching for a tactical flashlight to purchase, you’ll often run into the word “lumens”, the basic definition of the term lumens is the amount of light that is generated from a torch or bulb.

Lumens describe the output of light that your flashlight provides. So when you’re shopping for your next tactical torch, you should also take note of the lumen output according to the type of flashlight you want to buy.

Overall, having a basic knowledge of what lumens are and the amount you need for the flashlight suited for your needs will assist you when it comes to choosing between a range of torch models.

If you’re looking for a high-quality tactical torch you’ll need to get one that has a lumen output of anything over 100 lumens. Should you be looking for a small, lightweight tactical torch that is perfect for every day carry, the Klarus Mi7 and the Klarus Mi7 Ti have a max lumen output of 700LM. The Klarus HA2C is a multifunctional torch with an amazing lumen output of 3200 lumens, however if you’d like the power of the sun in your hand then the Klarus XT21X is perfectly suited for you with a whopping lumen output of 4000 lumens!

- One of the most important reasons is the switch on the torch. Most of the Klarus models will have a tail switch for a more tactical use as well as a side switch which can also be used. Depending on how you use the torch, you can use either switch. Because Klarus flashlights are used in a lot in tactical situations, the tail switch can be pressed with one hand and a weapon can be held in the other.

- When or if you are ever under attack, using your Klarus torch could be the difference between life and death. Because majority of Klarus flashlights are crafted from aluminium, they are durable enough to withstand force and prevent any serious damage. The torch lumen output can also protect you from possible danger – shine it in the eyes of your attacker causing disorientation and momentary blindness.

- You never know when you’re going to need your tactical torch or what harsh environment it’s going to have to withstand. Whether you are a police officer, hiker or just a general torch user, your flashlight needs to be able to take any environment thrown at it. If you are looking for a torch that is scratch resistant, water proof or wear resistant, Klarus has a range of versatile torches that will survive through it all.

Why are Klarus torches leaders in the flashlight industry? Because the combination of original designs and progressive torch technology is hard to beat!

Klarus South Africa is based in Cape Town with fast and friendly service, should you have any questions, queries or need some advice about your next tactical torch purchase, do not hesitate to contact us right away.