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Klarus Xt11 Police/ Military Tactical TorchKlarus has launched some new Tactical EDC (Every Day Carry) torches to extend the current XT range of serious, military spec lights. The new torches all feature Klarus’s unique, dual button interface and include the XT2C, XT1C,XT2A and XT1A. Here’s a brief breakdown of each:


XT2C: Uses an XM-L T6 LED to produce the same high output as the popular XT10 (470 ANSI lumens), but in a smaller package due to having a smaller diameter head compared to the XT10. The XT2C will take either 1x 18650, 2x CR123A or 2x 16340 batteries.

XT1C: The smallest of the XT range. This pocket tactical light uses an XP-G R5 LED to produce an impressive 245 ANSI lumens in high mode. The dual button interface and instant access to strobe makes this an awesome little multi-mode light. Takes 1x CR123A.

XT2A: For those who want a powerful and tactical AA battery torch. It uses 2x AA batteries to provide 245 lumens in high mode and uses the same dual button interface to switch between 3 modes and a strobe, which can be accessed instantly.

XT1: The pocket AA battery version. Despite being small and using a single AA battery, the XT1A is still powerful – outputting 150 ANSI lumens in high mode and providing the same functionality as all Klarus XT lights.


Klarus has also produced remote switches for these new flashlights. The TR11is specifically for the XT1C, XT2A and XT1A; the TR12 is for the XT2C. Both the TR11 and TR12 provide instant access to strobe mode and give full control over the lights functions, making these flashlights idea for weapon mounting for hunting, military use, airsoft of for mounting onto a bike for night cycling.

Used widely by as a tactical Torch by the military as well as police throughout the world and of course in South Africa. When the Police and Military shop for tactical torches, you can believe that they will not accept anything but the best quality machining, highest output, best tactical features. In South Africa, we have sold Xt11 units to the South African Police, Police K9 units, Police tactical units and of course forensics specialists. Within the Military it is held in extremely high regard and is rapidly gaining respect within the EMS community.



This superb tactical torch is ideal for use as a:


  • Military Tactical Torch
  • Police Tactical Torch
  • Swat Tactical Torch
  • EMS Torch
  • Hunting Torch
  • Every day use torch
  • Search and rescue torch


Klarus has announced the latest flashlight to complement their XT range of professional tactical flashlights. The Klarus XT11 is a multi-mode light that has been designed for hunting and military use. However, its high specification, runtimes and smooth beam will make the XT11 an excellent choice for other professionals, such as Police, and also general purpose use.

The XT11 boasts a high output of 600 ANSI lumens, Klarus’s unique dual button interface that provides instant access to strobe and a steel strike bezel that can be unscrewed and removed for the secure attachment of colour filters (red, green, blue) and a diffuser, which are optional extras. As a Police Torch this is unsurpassed. Every EMS member we have shown this to or security professional has fallen in love with it immediately. It's all about high lumen output, rugged build for real duty wear and SWAT use

The XT11 is compatible with the ED10 remote pressure switch - so the XT11 can be weapon mounted for hunting and military use or mounted onto a bike and used as a powerful bike light.


Ideal for Police and Military use and available directly through Klarus South Africa.


KLARUS is represented by Klarus South Africa in Africa. The company designs and manufactures some of the most exciting, practical and innovative LED torches on the planet with ultra high Lumen output.

Some of the industry's leading torch engineers and designers joined forces with one common aim for KLARUS; to develop the best tactical, professional and general purpose torches in the world, using Klarus's own leading-edge technology. For the best in LED Torch technology, Klarus is the brand for police torches, outdoor flashlights and those requiring nothing but the very best in manufacturing quality and after sales service.

Looking for the perfect accessory for your LED torch? Look no further than Klarus. From rotating bicycle mounts, coloured filters and torch head straps to smart chargers that are capable of charging almost every battery.

Klarus offers only the best in LED torch light technology using Cree LEDs. Why? Because, Klarus tactical torches promise to consume very little energy, while still emitting a large amount of lumens at the most effective levels.

We are based in Cape Town with a national reach and fast delivery service. Special discounts may apply to our Police Services, Firemen and EMS personnel - please keep an eye on our site and Facebook page for special offers.

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