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The new XT20 from Klarus is now available in South Africa. After rave reviews abroad, we are finally able to review this torch locally and put it through it's paces. The comments ranged from jaw dropping "wow" to "incredible" and "awesome" as well as loads of laughter. An unbelievable 1550 lumen beam from this tidy handheld torch illuminates the world before you. 

As a tactical tool, the XT20 LED Torch is supreme. The long lasting rechargable batteries round off the package and of course the XT20 is standard with strobe feature to blind even the most agressive of assailants or send up a strobe to guide in helicopter or other auxilliary units. 

Tested throughout South Africa in townships, rural areas and suburban patrols, this is definitively the ultimate police officers torch. Best of all, the XT20 which is retail boxed and sold with a pouch sits comfortably on your duty belt out of sight. Massive power in a small package


KLARUS XT20 1550 Lumen Dual Head Torch

KLARUS has announced a launch date for its latest, super powerful LED tactical flashlight, the XT20. From 24th August 2011 the XT20 will be available and it is expected to turn heads!

The unique dual-head design helps the XT20 pack a real punch – emitting a massive 1550 lumens of light from its two super bright CREE XM-L U2 LEDs. This is controlled using the ingenious dual-button tail switch (as used in the smaller KLARUS XT10), which provides ultra fast access to the strobe mode and allows you control the entire flashlight with just your thumb!

Power is supplied by 4x CR123A or 2x 18650 rechargeable batteries, which provide a max runtime of 205 hours on low mode. Despite taking multi batteries and emitting 1550 lumens, the XT20 is by no means bulky. In fact, its slender design and impressive specs makes it ideal as a duty/ patrol torch, a search & rescue light and a stunning tactical flashlight that can be weapon mounted and controlled remotely by the ED10 remote pressure switch.


For more information, read the full XT20 spec…