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Klarus has announced the latest flashlight to complement their XT range of professional tactical flashlights. The Klarus XT11 is a multi-mode light that has been designed for hunting and military use. However, its high specification, runtimes and smooth beam will make the XT11 an excellent choice for other professionals, such as Police, and also general purpose use.

The XT11 boasts a high output of 600 ANSI lumens, Klarus’s unique dual button interface that provides instant access to strobe and a steel strike bezel that can be unscrewed and removed for the secure attachment of colour filters (red, green, blue) and a diffuser, which are optional extras. As a Police Torch this is unsurpassed. Every EMS member we have shown this to or security professional has fallen in love with it immediately. It's all about high lumen output, rugged build for real duty wear and SWAT use

The XT11 is compatible with the ED10 remote pressure switch - so the XT11 can be weapon mounted for hunting and military use or mounted onto a bike and used as a powerful bike light.


Ideal for Police and Military use and available directly through Klarus South Africa.