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I received my Klarus XT11 a few months ago and am now getting my first chance to sit, relax and provide some feedback on this exceptional tactical torch. 


Having been active in the Police service for over 20 years I am by no means new to stress testing equipment. I've served as a patrol officer, on a tactical team and as an instructor. I have also participated in a number of tests of tactical products for specialised team use. 


On receiving my Klarus XT11 the first thing that struck me was the minute attention to detail in everything down to the packaging. Everything I needed was there, torch, batteries, charger, lanyard, pouch the whole lot. Just looking at the torch I could tell that it is of extremely high quality manufacturing. No rough edges, no machining burs, no jiggles or rattles. Nice, robust and clean. Controls of the torch were easy to find as they're naturally located when using it tactically. My first tactical vehicle stop for the night sold me and made me a Klarus user for life. 

Stopping a suspected stolen vehicle with multiple occupants is never easy or simple. Using the strobe function I was able to literally incapacitate the occupants as my partner approached the vehicle and I provided cover. It was amazing - no matter how the exiting driver tried, he couldn't look directly in the direction of the strobe. It caused immediate disorientation and his hands went straight up to cover his eyes as our verbal commands rained down on him. His companions in the car were as dazzled and confused - and weren't able to look back at us either. What a superb tool! Just a simple flashlight deployed in a tactical manner was able to give me a life saving advantage in a volatile situation. 

Later on the shift, we were first respondents to an accident scene involving multiple vehicles. I was able to use the XT11 in 50% brightness mode to cast light over the entire scene without dazzling the EMS personnel working to rescue a trapped driver. The shift and testing didn't stop there though. All through my shift I was using it like a boy with a new toy. The brightness of the beam was unbelievable and yet when searching a house that may have been broken into, there was no splash back of the light when shining it against full length windows - the beam simply traveled internally as if by magic. 


Believe it or not, all of this testing in and around my shift wasn't even the jaw dropping part. Yes, I got it a little wet over the next few shifts and yes, I did indeed drop it a couple of times and it survived - I would expect nothing less with such precision engineering. 


The jaw dropping part is that when I went on leave it lay with my kit bag for 4 weeks unused. Straight out of the bag I pressed the switch and there it was - bright and ready and thirsty for work - no noticeable battery drain!I was amazed that the battery hadn't drained noticeably after being unused for so long 


Overall I can categorically say that I will never go on duty again without a Klarus torch by my side. As a Police Officer it's one of the best tactical tools I've encountered. Clearly designed by professionals for hard wearing use, it even slipped into a mount on my R5 without question. A figure 8 mount placed it squarely on a normal SAPS issue shotgun - and I can tell you that once you've mounted a XT11 on a shottie you will NEVER use a shotgun in the same way - it changes the tactical application completely and you'll wonder how you ever worked without one. 


If you're one of those policemen who is after the best tactical tools available - you have to get an XT11. 

Craig P.
Cape Town




After months of preparation, negotiation and planning, we are pleased to announce the launch of world renowned Klarus Lights in South Africa.

With the international brand of Klarus having been inundated with product requests from South Africa, the logical next step was to appoint a local agent. After several months of intense negotiation and preparation for the arrival of opening stock, we are pleased to announce that Klarus lights are now available directly in South Africa. Respected worldwide for their luminance, ingenious design and brutal functionality, Klarus is the chosen torch of hobbyists, campers, policemen, firemen, tactical units, ems and more. Our leading Xt series police torch is set to take the local market by storm with high lumen output (also suitable for outdoors and corporate gifting)

Klarus will be available from leading stockists and invites interested retailers and wholesalers to contact their SA Sales and distribution arm through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The new XT20 from Klarus is now available in South Africa. After rave reviews abroad, we are finally able to review this torch locally and put it through it's paces. The comments ranged from jaw dropping "wow" to "incredible" and "awesome" as well as loads of laughter. An unbelievable 1550 lumen beam from this tidy handheld torch illuminates the world before you. 

As a tactical tool, the XT20 LED Torch is supreme. The long lasting rechargable batteries round off the package and of course the XT20 is standard with strobe feature to blind even the most agressive of assailants or send up a strobe to guide in helicopter or other auxilliary units. 

Tested throughout South Africa in townships, rural areas and suburban patrols, this is definitively the ultimate police officers torch. Best of all, the XT20 which is retail boxed and sold with a pouch sits comfortably on your duty belt out of sight. Massive power in a small package


KLARUS XT20 1550 Lumen Dual Head Torch

KLARUS has announced a launch date for its latest, super powerful LED tactical flashlight, the XT20. From 24th August 2011 the XT20 will be available and it is expected to turn heads!

The unique dual-head design helps the XT20 pack a real punch – emitting a massive 1550 lumens of light from its two super bright CREE XM-L U2 LEDs. This is controlled using the ingenious dual-button tail switch (as used in the smaller KLARUS XT10), which provides ultra fast access to the strobe mode and allows you control the entire flashlight with just your thumb!

Power is supplied by 4x CR123A or 2x 18650 rechargeable batteries, which provide a max runtime of 205 hours on low mode. Despite taking multi batteries and emitting 1550 lumens, the XT20 is by no means bulky. In fact, its slender design and impressive specs makes it ideal as a duty/ patrol torch, a search & rescue light and a stunning tactical flashlight that can be weapon mounted and controlled remotely by the ED10 remote pressure switch.


For more information, read the full XT20 spec…



Klarus's new Professional range of torches feature extremely high power illumination in a manner that is both tactical and practical. Tough, precision engineered instruments that are even waterproof, the Klarus range has been widely accepted by paramedics, policemen, security officers, airsofters, campers and sportsmen in South Africa. 



The Klarus Professional range of models include the P1C (1x CR123A), P1A (1x AA), and the P2A (2x AA). Each torch has a high quality military tactical feel and uses a tactical tail switch for momentary-on and constant-on functions .


The user interface (UI) is very simple – you simply tighten the head for high mode and loosen for low mode. In high mode, both the P1C and P2A can punch 245 lumens of bright light across a maximum distance of 141 metres. The P1A(single AA battery) also punches above its weight, outputting a max of 150 lumens - superb output from such a small torch.

It's not just about having high power with these torches. They have been precision engineered to output a smooth beam pattern and provide good low modes, which offer perfect lighting for close-up work. Mount one onto an optional Klarus headband and you will have a high quality, hands-free head torch. When you need an all-weather flashlight for work or outdoor tasks, you can trust your Klarus Professional.

The October issue of Country Walking magazine, which was out on 15th September 2011, includes a thorough flashlight test on pages 82/83.

The test involved eight different torches from well-known brands, including LED Lenser, Mag-Lite and Leatherman, but they were no competition for the KLARUS P2A, which was considered the best all-round torch for walkers and awarded 'Best in Test'. You can download the full feature...

Despite costing less than the top brands, the P2A is more powerful, made from military grade aluminium, waterproof to IPX-8, has a toughened lense, a strong steel clip and comes with a 2 year warranty!

Buy a quality KLARUS P2A today. Click here to see the test

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